We specialize mainly in six language combinations of the three prevailing languages in our region:

Arabic, English and French, including localization services into all Arabic and French language variants in
the Middle East and North Africa.
Among other areas of expertise, we translate:

legal documents
financial documents
technical documents
websites and marketing material

We also offer subtitling and transcription services.


The Smart Link team members propose to combine their individual and corporate experience and
capabilities to provide translation services to PSUAD. We do recognize the challenges involved
in this venture, and we are committed to providing our client with high-quality service while at
the same time providing the continuity of the service by our experienced Translators.
Business ethics
We understand that translation is a very sensitive and delicate business, used to bridge
communication gaps and language barriers. In this context, confidentiality of information is an
important pillars of our trade. We have long experience working with governments and
diplomatic missions and we are well aware that is essential to keep all information,
documentation and correspondence generated or exchanged between us and the client in full
Technical Apporach
It is commonly known that Translation is a process. There are many operational models that translation
agencies use as a Matrix to complete their day to day orders.

The following diagram would better describe the multi-phased process: